Hilly Fields

Craig Prentis - landscape photographer

I have been a photographer for over 20 years but my landscape photography website is relatively new and has been set up to complement my YouTube channel. For most of my photographic career, I have shunned the limelight and preferred to be behind the camera. Not any more! I realise that promotion via social media is vitally important so I’ve decided to document my trips out photographing landscapes, hopefully relaying some of the knowledge and experience I've built up over the years. When I started, I felt uncomfortable but the initial weirdness of speaking to a camera in the middle of nowhere gets a little easier with time and practice. Now I really enjoy putting these little films together.

I shoot both film and digital but my channel has gone more down the film route as I rediscover the joys of the analogue process. It seems well suited to the slower, more contemplative nature of landscape photography. There’s a huge audience out there. A whole community of like-minded people around the world. Some are doing it themselves while others just enjoy watching from their comfort of their armchairs.

New images will be added regularly so please come back again from time to time to see what I've been up to.

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